Sit, breathe, be.



Yogi Amandeep Singh M.Sc, MA. is a master in ancient Himalayan yogic science and it’s applications in modern world. He is a psychotherapist, counsellor and a leading authority in comparative religious studies. He is currently angel adviser to a neurological research project on pain management, as well as to the European Union (Interreg South Baltic Programme) for Well-being Tourism.

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Sit, breathe, be. This opens an energetic container that teaches the way of the heart: practical devotion, gratitude, reverences, dedication, service and compassion. Without a phenomenal awareness of energy, and the ability to create a vessel for it, true yoga cannot be experienced.

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International Outreach | Yogi Amandeep has taught in more than 20 countries and close to 100 cities across the globe. He shares ancient teachings from the Himalayan traditions by combining psycho-spiritual techniques with modern developments in emotional and psychological transformation. His workshops are unique and highly effective in dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and emotional traumas.


On top of regular radio and newspaper coverage, the Yogi regularly performs as a Lead Teacher at some of the world renowned Yoga Events - Wanderlust, Inspire Living Summit LA, Annual Vedanta Seminars in India, Satnam Fest, Summer Solstice New Mexico, International Yoga Festival, European Yoga Festival.

"I would like to thank Yogi Amandeep for his tireless work on our behalf. A true master teacher with a heart of gold. I bow my head to this man who has touched and elevated so many lives around the world."
Reinette Fournier

Yogi Amandeep is an avid advocate for conscious use of modern technology. He founded in VRYogi in 2018, introducing the project to 900+ leading technologists in Amsterdam's VRDays Summit: virtual reality has the potential to immerse users into pilgrimages to some of the world's most inaccessible and sacred sites, offering a low-risk yet visceral approach to regulating the stress response.

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