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July 16 & 23, 7-8 PM MDT

 Dive into the heart using timeless teachings of mystics.


“Life is not run by the thoughts of the head,
but with the beats of the heart.” – Yogi Bhajan

One single beat, the source of my being.
The drum of Shiva – source of all existence.
Described as the Anahata; the space of the unstruck sound.
It is the temple of the mystics, entering which, intoxication dawns.
The head constantly hums, I can’t go there. Your stairways lies
through the beat of the heart, can you hear, the primal Naad.
Sit in the Sangha, shut the mind and enter the library,
where No Sound, No Word and No Book is accessed.
Reading that all secrets are revealed.

Offering for both webinars: $108

When You Become Soft Like Wax

 By Yogi Bhajan


One day when you become soft like wax,
Then my thread of life will pass through you, and
Out of the accident of the warmth of my heart

One end will get lit.
And you will burn–slowly melting in the heat of the flame.

And when you will reach the end,
You will find God waiting for you
To embrace you into His Infinity…..

In the depth of my heart there is a beat.
Sometimes I hope against hope that there will be common moments of life

When neither you will talk, nor listen
But will enjoy the experience of the voice
Which comes through my heart,

Through my beat.
And when our vibration will merge
We may be in a position to experience

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