Life Changing Counselling Sessions with Yogi Amandeep.Yogi-Amandeep-Singh

Counseling/Healing Sessions
(Western Counseling & Eastern Healing)
Yogi Amandeep Singh
M.Sc. (Aust), MA (UK), B.ScHons (UK)


Learn how to access your inner voice and gain greater control of your life. This voice is always available and constantly trying to guide you. When you learn to listen and live from this inner knowingness, you will experience greater joy, creativity and purpose.

Yogi Amandeep, is a trained Counselor. He has earned his Masters in Counseling and he is an accomplished energy healer as well. He offers private counseling sessions via skype, phone or in person. These sessions also provide an opportunity to dive deeper into the individual practical applications of Kundalini Yoga to create a more balanced, meditative and spiritual life.

Amandeep’s sessions combine influences from the wisdom of western counseling and the contemplative traditions of the east to bring balance to the ever-evolving duality of daily life.

From his extensive travels around the world and studies with great mystics, Amandeep shares the transformative wisdom from many spiritual paths. In each private session, Yogi Amandeep translates and personalizes the ancient teachings to provide practical tools for daily spiritual inspiration. He utilizes a creative and integrative approach, which affords the opportunity to customize counseling sessions to suit individual needs.

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Is Yogi Amandeep available to come to teach at my yoga studio?
Answer: Yes, please send request through contact page and will be in touch.

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