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Mystical Travels with a Yogi

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Siri Hemkunth SahibThe 10th Gate of Mother Earth

12 days of Transformation and Transcendence
Nurture your inner health with exclusive Kundalini Yoga kriyas and Meditations and mystical travels with a Yogi.

Aug 25 — Sept 5, 2016

Himalayan Mountains — Journey into your Higher Consciousness

HimalayasThere are many mountains on the planet and not all are suitable for meditating. Only a living mountain can be used for meditation. The Himalayan Mountains are some of the few surviving mountains that are still living. Every year they grow an inch. For thousands of years, these mountains have attracted seekers. The history of ancient India states that whenever the hunger for truth is sparked within an individual, he/she will take the path that leads to the Himalayas.

There are exactly 72,000 shrines in the Himalayan Mountains – each corresponding to the 72,000 nadis (energy pathways) in the human body. These mountains are like a manifestation of a mega human body to make contact with a larger cosmic body – the universe.

The glory of the great Himalayan Mountains are sang again and again in the ancient texts, to the extent that it is mentioned, only if one has meditated in the Himalayas in any one life time, does it make one eligible for Nirvana. These mountains are the pathway into the unknown. Every cave, every peak and every mountain of the Himalayas has a story, of some yogi or some seeker, who meditated there and attained the ultimate realization – Nirvana.


Entering the Vortex Centre — The Legend, Rishi Dushat Daman

Rishi Dushat DamanOne such yogi was Rishi Dushat Daman. Puranas, the oldest annals of human history, mention him with great reverence as the primal sage, and even the Devas – the forefathers of the human race, longed for his presence. His abode in the Himalayan mountain range is known respectfully as Siri Hemkunth Sahib, the 10th gate of Mother Earth. It’s a Tirath, a sacred space which has powerful charged fields of consciousness.

We do not know the exact date, but what Rishi Dushat Daman left there is still vibrantly alive today. On the mountain peak of Siri Hemkunth Sahib, his energy has been reverberating for many centuries. Wherever anybody has become enlightened, there are certain vibrations that remain. Even if thousands of years have passed, vibrations still reverberate in that space – for example in the trees, in the stones, in the lake, in the mountains and other surroundings. You can still feel some strange kind of presence of that being. That individual may not be there, for example the singer may have left, but the record is still there and you can hear the voice again.

According to Sri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, Rishi Dushat Daman in his radiant body meditated on this mountain for 3.5 billion years. He mastered all forms of yoga known and unknown to humanity. His presence was so radiant that his aura extended 25 miles. Many seekers would come just to be in his presence. His very presence would bloom their hearts and give them an experience of the Universal Mind. He spoke very little as he was always in Samadhi – a state of being where the sense of the personal self has dissolved into the universal self. Much of his teachings were conveyed in Shunya – silence.

He attained complete union with the divine and broke the cycle of birth and death. After full realization is attained, it is not necessary that one takes another birth, but out of compassion he took another birth to guide humanity to their truth within. Under the Universal Will, Rishi Dushat Daman reincarnated in kaliyuga, the present iron age, as Guru Gobind Singh to revive the Dharma and to guide humanity to the truth within.

Born fully enlightened, Guru Gobind Singh was 9 years old when he was recognized as the 10th Guru in the lineage of enlighten masters which started with Guru Nanak.

According to Yogi Bhajan, Guru Gobind Singh was the most perfect man, creator has ever created. Guru Gobind Singh was the Master of radiance, a true Guru, Warrior, Householder, Poet and a Yogi.


HaridwarOur meeting place is Haridwar (hotel address will be updated soon). Haridwar is where the river Ganges enters the plain areas after flowing 250 kms from its origin, Gaumukh. It is one of the oldest living cities in the world. We will be visiting a number of Shrines, dedicated to Baba Sri Chand and Guru Nanak in Haridwar and meeting with the ancient lineage holders of varies Yogic Traditions.

Ganga AratiA bath in the sacred river Ganges, the waters of which have witnessed millions of enlightenments of some of the greatest yogis of the world. Witness Ganga Arti a ritual which has been going on for the millions of years at the same time every day.

Yogi Bhajan Birthday Celebrations with the Sadhus

Sadhu Celebration - Yogi Bhajan Birthday August 26th marks the appearance day of the beloved master Sri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan. We will be celebrating it with the great lineage holder of one of the mother traditions of Kundalini Yoga. Not to be missed.

After the celebrations we will start our journey through towns of Rishikesh, Joshimath, Badrinath, Gobind Ghat etc. The journey indeed offers a unique glimpse of centuries old history, culture and traditions with the breathtaking backdrop of Himalayan scenery. We will be staying at various sacred sites. Accommodation will be in hotels except for in the Flower Valley, where we will be tenting.

Visiting Rishikesh – Mecca of Yoga

RishikeshIt is known as the pilgrimage town and regarded as one of the holiest places. Many Sages and Yogis have visited Rishikesh since ancient times to meditate in search of higher knowledge.

Flower Valley — Gift from the Devas

Flower ValleyThe flower valley was a gift from the Devas, or higher beings, to this great sage beyond time and space. These were the flowers that were showered upon him on the day of his realization. These flowers took root in this dimension to remind humanity of this Yogi, who out of compassion took another birth to help humanity understand their dharma.

A land of endless meadows, with insurmountable snow-capped peaks bearing icy glaciers that burst into streams, and a background of birdsong. Flowers carpet the entire valley and the leaves form a porous umbrella.

There are about 520 species of flowering plants and the area was declared as a National Park in 1982. The animals like Himalayan black beers, musk deers, brown beers, Bharal and a rich variety of birds and butterflies are found in this national park. Legend has it that a flower called Brahma-Kamal blossoms here every 12 years.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to sit in the lap of the mighty living Himalayas and do the highest practice, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

We will be doing 3 days of tenting in this sacred valley of Rishi Dushat Daman.

Tirath Siri Hemkunth Sahib – Vortex Centre & 10th Gate of Mother Earth
Tirath Siri Hemkunth
Right under the location of Siri Hemkunth Sahib, runs one of the most important energetic nerve channels of the earth, known as the Sushmana. It is the spiritual nerve of Mother Earth, source of all life on the planet, and it sustains the balance of the polarities and the electromagnetic field of the earth. Where this nerve ends, is known as the 10th gate, the exact location of Rishi Dushat Daman’s meditative space. It is so potent that pranic beams radiate at all times from the seven surrounding peaks to keep it intact.


Sarovar Siri Hemkunth Sahib – The Healing Lake
Healing LakeThe Healing Lake which still exists today, was manifested by Rishi Dushat Daman from the ethers. It witnessed the great phenomenon when Rishi Dushat Daman merged into infinity. The healing waters absorbed that imprint into its memory giving it the power to heal on many levels. The devas love the lake so much, that until today there are stories of these higher beings who make a yearly pilgrimage just to take a dip in the sacred lake of Rishi Dushat Daman.

Encircled by seven snow clad peaks and their associated glaciers, it reflects its surroundings enchantingly on its crystal clear serene waters. The glaciers from Hathi Parvat and Sapt Rishi peaks feed the lake and a small stream called Himganga flows out of this lake.


Sapt Rishi Peaks – Primal Masters
The seven peaks are named after the seven primal sages, known as Sapta Rishi. They are known are the primal masters of the entire humanity. In the beginning of time, the first yogic science was transmitted to them on these seven peaks by Shiva himself. After having received this transmission, they traveled to different ancient civilization transmitting the wisdom, which includes, India, China, Europe, Mayan land and Africa.

The Cave of Rishi Ved Vyasa – Cave of Yogic Transmission

Cave of Rishi VedA cave which from the yogic perspective is billions of year’s old, where immortal sage, Rishi Ved Vyasa transmitted the entire yogic texts from his memory. It is believed that, yogic wisdom blooms in the hearts of those who visit this cave with devotion.

Rishi VedIn the surrounding mountains there exist a hidden star gate, which the five Pandavas used to travel to the other dimension. There still exist a stone bridge that is believed to have been built by this legendary warriors of Silver age, who were the disciples of Lord Krishna.

Cave of Ganesha

Cave of GaneshGanesha is the remover of obstacles. These is the cave which is dedicated to Ganesha, who helped Ved Vyasa to during the transmission of the Yogic wisdom.

Mystical River – Spinal Cord of the earth
Saraswati River
Saraswati is the mystical and hidden river which flows only in its subtle form, except here, where the physical form is visible. It is the Spinal Cord of the earth. It is one of the 3 most sacred rivers in the yogic history, along Ganges and Jamuna.

Fountain of Mansarovar
Mansarovar is the highest fresh water lake on the planet, and is located near Mount Kailash, which is located in Tibet borders. This is the lake that was established by Shiva for Adi Shakti. It is believed these waters hold the key to immortality, drinking which the yogis extend their life span on earth.

There is a fountain in Mana Village which is believed to have a connection with this lake.

Badrinath –  Partial Revealed Sacred Site

BadrinathBadrinath is one of the most important sacred points in the Vedic Tradition. The town of Badrinath lies between Nar and Naryana mountain ranges and in the shadow of Nilkantha peak, 301 km north of Rishikesh. The town is located at an elevation of 3,133 mts above sea level on the left bank of Alakananda River.

It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is also one of the 108 Divya Desams or partial revealed sacred sites. Which means a part of it is revealed in this realm and a part of it exist on the other dimension.

It was originally established by Adi Shankaracharya, the sage who revived the yogic teachings… which was renovated several times after its establishment.

Yogadhyan Badri  – First transmission of Yogic teachings                          

Yogadhyan BadriAncient temples that believed to have been built by the Five Pandavas, Yoga Dhian Badri, where the Idol of Vishnu is installed in a Yogic posture. It is this place where Vishnu in the previous Kapla, revived the lost Yogic teachings.


Mana, IndiaA very special trip to the last village of India, near the borders of India and China along the last tea stall of India located right at the border.

World’s 3rd Highest Peak – The Abode of Adi Shakti

Nanda DeviVision of the Sacred Nanda Devi -3rd highest peak in the world. According to the yogic lore, the vision of this sacred mountain is equallent to the vision of the divine feminine energy, Adi Shakti. It holds the vibrations of the force that creates preserves and transforms.

Auli – Panoramic view of Himalayan peaks

Auli HimalayasAuli is 30kms from Govindghat by road, situated amidst snowy mountains and flanked by conifers and oak forests. It offers a panoramic view of Himalayan peaks such as the Nanda Devi (7,817 metre), the Kamet (7,756 metre), the Mana Parvat (7,273 metre) and the Dunagiri (7,066 metre).

Vishnu Prayag

Vishnu PrayagIt is the confluence of Alaknanda River and Dhauli Ganga River.  According to Vedic scriptures it is the place where Yogic sage Narada, the founder of Bhakti Yoga meditated. It is believed that at this confluence there exist a point thorugh which the ancient ones used to travel to the land of Demi Gods.


And much much more if time permits…


This year, in August 2016, through the guidance of the beloved master Sri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, Yogi Amandeep will be leading a Yatra to this sacred space. It will be a journey of Self search.

Yogi Amandeep brings yatras to places not ordinarily accessible to the public. Esoteric, powerful, spontaneous and secret teachings are revealed. He is an authority on yogic history and science and openly shares his deep, yet practical wisdom along the journey. He opens a mystical space, offering the possibility of a unique and profound spiritual experience.

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