Sat Nam Fest, Joshua Tree, CA, USA

April 13, 2018 – April 14, 2018 all-day
Sat Nam Fest
Joshua Tree
888-735-4800 x 712

3rd Eye: Diving into the Hidden Realm
With Yogi Amandeep, April 13, 2018

Eyes are your doors for going out. Through them you are seeing, moving, eating etc. All your desires take birth through the eyes. The eyes move the whole world. Eyes are the door for the mind; they go on collecting the outer world into the inner consciousness.
Left eye represents time and right eye represents space. Beyond the left and right eyes, the ancient sages speak about the 3rd eye. The eye beyond time and space.
In front of the two visible eyes lies the visible realm; when the two eyes are shut, the 3rd eye is awakened and one sees the invisible realm.
Learn some great truths about the 3rd eye with practical techniques from the ancient tradition of the Himalayan Sages.

Blooming into Your Mystical Self
With Yogi Amandeep, April 14, 2018

“Not concerned with outer things, without having any troubles inside; If one’s mind is like a wall, he would at once be in Authentic Self.” – Bodhidharma
Don’t identify with anything, leave everything aside for a moment. The shallow concerns that keep your mind floating like a bubble on the surface of the ocean of Mystical Self. Recognizing this moment perfect as it is. Once you accept this invitation, the whole Universe flows into you.
Through rare practice, visualizations, meditations and kriyas, come join the Sangha of seekers to bloom the mystical self-Buddha

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  • Parm

    I am from Seattle and I was wondering is there any trip or workshop comming to vancouver canada or Seattle ?

    • admin

      Sat Nam, thank you for your message! Usually Yogi Amandeep teaches in Vancouver each year. In 2018 we haven’t confirmed a certain date for him to teach at Vancouver yet. Please stay in contact – find us on Facebook to get more updated information than the website. BTW: Have you subscribed to our email list yet? If not, we’ll be happy to add you to our email list, so that you could receive our newsletter regularly. Please let us know how we could serve you.

      Many blessings,

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