Zero Gravity

Zero-Gravity201601.The Voice in My Head

02.Today I Choose Happiness

03.I Am Not The Thinker

04.Clouds May Come and Go

05.I Am Free From All Concerns

06.Let Come What Comes

Let the music and voice settle your mind like the ocean after a huge storm. No push and pull is felt, it’s like the mind has transcended gravity. The ancient ones called this Shunya – Zero Gravity where the true home of your being is experienced.

The seeker repeats these Sutras of freedom with full awareness, without being bothered by the background chattering of the everyday mind. You take no action against the mind, no judging or branding of any type, but just witnessing it and reciting the Sutras.

In the words of Yogi Bhajan, “You do your job and let the everyday chattering mind do its job.” One simply watches the mind. Let it chatter. You simply become a watcher. Let the traffic of thoughts move. There is nothing to be worried about. It is not going to harm anybody. These thoughts are only soap bubbles. Don’t take them seriously. Don’t become tense while watching them. Be relaxed. In this space, contemplate on the Sutras.

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Awakening the Three Psychic Knots of Life – Three Granthis Guided Meditations

  1. Awakening-3-knotsTuning In – Opening the Sacred Space
  2. Brahm Buta – Awakening the Navel Meditation
  3. Siri Harimandir Sahib – Awakened Heart Meditation
  4. Siri Hemkunth Sahib – Awakening the 3rd Eye Meditation

The Psychic Knots of Life (Three Granthis Guided Meditations)

The three Granthis, located in the Sushmana are the three psychic knots in our personality where the energy & consciousness interact & manifest in a particular way. Kundalini can only have full ascent if all the three knots are awakened. These guided meditations help to clear the path of kundalini so that it can flow freely and to transcend the realm of duality.

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Inner Journey Guided Meditations

  1. Golden-TempleGuided Meditation into the Golden Temple – 26:36
  2. Wahe Guru Guided Meditation – 38:20

Go deep into your essence and be filled with blessings.

While listening deeply to the voice, Celtic harp, etheric textures and pulsating rhythms take hold of your Golden Temple and have your karmas be washed away. Tap into the power of Wahe Guru with every part of your body, mind and soul.

The guided meditations that are featured are “Guided Meditation in the Golden Temple” and “Wahe Guru Guided Meditation”.

“Inner Journey” by Yogi Amandeep Singh features 2 Divine Guided Meditations from Spiritual Master, Panth Rattan Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Bhai Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji. The album is spoken and interpreted in a powerful and meditative way by Yogi Amandeep Singh with music from producer Liv Singh Khalsa. The meditations are deep and trance like and will transport you to healing and elevating places on our Mother Earth and into the Heavens.

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Baba Siri Chand Chants I from Brahm Buta

  1. Baba-Siri-Chand ISri Mantra 1 Repetition – 5:26
  2. Ong Sohung – 57:42
  3. Sri Mantra 11 Repetitions – 11:32

Baba Sri Chand Chants from Brahm Buta is an offering to all the Yogis who have walked, are walking and will be walking on the path of Dharma.

These Chants have been sanctifying the sacred grounds of Brahm Buta Shrine of Baba Sri Chand for centuries and with the blessings of the divine it shall now sanctify your sacred surroundings, your homes and offices, your loved ones and your sacred path.

About Sri Matra

The different Schools of Yoga came to Baba Sri Chand for guidance and the teachings of the divine wisdom of Yoga. These are the teachings Baba Sri Chand gave them and contain his most subtle essence. It also connects one directly with the healing and protective energy of Baba Sri Chand.

Sri means creative energy; that which creates, sustains and transforms. Matra means a dose. Sri Matra is a spiritual dose to bring that creative energy into our life. The daily recitation of Sri Matra awakens the internal Yogi allowing for divine union.

About Ong Sohung

When Guru Hargobind the 6th Guru, visited Baba Sri Chand in Barth Sahib he brought along his 4 sons and offered his oldest son, Baba Gurditta to be a student of Baba Sri Chand. During that interaction Baba Sri Chand gave the mantra “Ong Sohung” to Baba Gurditta. Baba Gurditta was later appointed as the head of the Udasi Tradition after Baba Sri Chand.

This mantra is a combination of two powerful sounds. Ong in the ancient writings is known as the Beej or the seed. Ong is the soundless sound and is the primal vibration from which all vibrations came into existence. Sohung means I AM THAT. It is the Gurmantra of Baba Sri Chand as given to him by Guru Nanak. It is a mantra of non-duality, a state of being, where all boundaries and limitations end. One becomes All and All becomes One. Ong Sohung when recited together creates the state of Sehaj where an individual begins to flow with the flow of the universe. Where every action becomes effortless.

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The Chants of Baba Siri Chand II

  1. Baba-Siri-Chand IIAdh Such – 31:37
  2. Jai Sri Chander Deva – 11:54
  3. Ong Sri Sresti – 11:54
  4. Baba Ji – 11:43

Baba Sri Chand is the protector of innocent seekers and is the holder of all yogic wisdom.

This album contains the chants Jai Sri Chander Deva & Ong Sri Sresti that were previously only available to a chosen few. They now emerge as a tool for deep transformation for all Yogis. As the Aquarian Age dawns upon us, the earth will be undergoing vast changes. Attuning to these sacred mantras will help to align you to a beautiful energy that will keep you elevated and able to serve your community in times of great need. Baba Siri Chand, the raj yogi, has given us a blessed gifts to help Mother Earth emerge into her new existence.

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Infinite Bliss Waheguru

  1. Wahe-GuruInfinite Bliss Waheguru – 63:30

Infinite Bliss Waheguru is a 63 minute soundscape which will take the meditator into a deep and restful trance while absorbing the healing energy of the mantra of ecstasy. The Infinite Bliss Wahguru booklet contains information on the science of Mantra Meditation and instructions for the posture, mudra and breath which can enhance the power of the chant.

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Intoxicated with the Divine – Sufi Meditations

  1. Huu Hu – Slow – Medium – Fast – 31:54
  2. Haq Allah Hu Hu Hu – 11:27
  3. SufiHum Dum Har Har Har Har Hum Dum – 11:47
  4. Huu Hu – Long – Slow – 11:55

Intoxicated with the Divine contains rare Sufi mantras from Sufi traditions and also those that were taught by Yogi Bhajan in his vast universal teachings.

Experience True Divine totality in this moment perfect as it. Open the heart centre, the centre of devotion, reverence and surrender. Experience what it means to be in the flow of totality.

Hu means ISness – Existence, the totality in this moment perfect as it is. This is the sound of the soundless, an expressions of that which cannot be expressed. It is sometimes referred to as the heartbeat of Existence. This is the deeper version of the first track, for a deeper meditative experience.

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Jap Ji – Meditation of the Self

  1. Jap-JiJap Ji – 58:08
  2. Mul Mantra – 12:33

“If you want to know the science of Infinity, you have to understand Jap Ji.” – Yogi Bhajan

Jap ji – Meditation of the Self, is the first Bani in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. It is seen as the essence of the whole message of Eastern Spiritual Teachings. This divine song was revealed to Guru Naanak, when he reappeared after 3 days and 3 nights from deep Samadhi in the river vayee which transformed Naanak into Guru – the enlightened one.

If you can understand Jap Ji, something will start singing in you, something will start flowering in you.

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