Awaken Your Path: New Year with a Himalayan Yogi

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Retreat for the New Year

with Yogi Amandeep Singh

You are here now reading these words because you are drawn to the truth: your own truth and the truth that connects us all.

Follow it. Expand it. Breathe it in.

Yogi Amandeep invites you on an inward journey to experience the rhythm of the celestial bodies and their animating presence within us. Drawing on the deepest wisdom from the Himalayas and the ancient knowledge of Vedic astrology, you will learn how to use the subtle instruments of the mind and body to harmonize with the cosmos.


We experience the effects of the sun, the moon, the planets, and the unique configuration of their movements from year to year, day to day, moment to moment. But the teachings of Naad Rahasia (the cosmic pulse) also remind us that our own rhythms, patterns, thoughts and actions influence everything, through the depth of our unity with all things (the Ik Ongkaar). Whether we are aware of it or not, we are in a perpetual dance with the sun, the earth, and all their children. We are one and we belong to all.


Yogi Amandeep’s teachings help us to connect our hearts to the beat of the cosmos with consciousness and reverence. Surrendering to this universal heartbeat opens our senses to pulses of opportunity – moments that gift us with the potential to flow with ease on our path. Vedic astrology calls these fertile moments muhurat, and maps their ebb and flow within each day, month, year.


As the sun completes its circle on the day of the New Year the wheel of karma also completes its revolution. At this auspicious hour, known as shub muhurat, Yogi Amandeep will guide us to attune ourselves to the wheel of dharma. Yogic practices performed at this time will help us to awaken our spirit to the path of heart, to the will to evolve, and the power to shift personal obstacles and bring growth in the year to come. It is a moment of pure resonance.


Join us as we gather with Yogi Amandeep this New Year to receive the Naad Rahasia. By bringing us together he also paves a way for a collective intent to dawn, to channel through us, and to ripple through the world as a potent force for stillness, harmony and peace.


Join us. Awaken your path.

1440 Multiversity Retreat Center

The retreat will be held at 1440 Multiversity on a 75-acre campus beautifully nestled in the California redwoods near Santa Cruz. Within easy reach of San Francisco — the nation’s newest learning destination.


Tuition: $325 , (register here) plus accommodations/meals fees. To book your accommodations, visit 1440 Multiversity to choose the right room plan for you. If prompted for a booking code, enter: YANY2019. Accommodations include meals and bite-size well-being practices. Spa treatments and café meals not included.

For questions regarding the retreat, contact:

Retreat Schedule

December 29th
  • 4-6pm – Opening Session
  • 6-7pm – Dinner
December 30th & 31st
  • 5-7am – Kundalini Yoga & Chanting
  • 7-9am – Breakfast
  • 9-12pm – Morning Yoga Session
  • 3-6pm – Afternoon Yoga Session
  • 10-12am – Celebration (31st)
January 1st
  • 5-7am – Kundalini Yoga & Chanting
  • 7-9am – Breakfast
  • 9-12pm – Morning Yoga Session
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