Welcome to longtime meditation practitioners and newcomers to meditation — come receive the key to unlock your way through every block that hinders your inner blooming.

Meditation blooms all by itself. You sit in the cinema of the mind and no matter what movie is projected on the screen — boring, scary, a drama, a thriller — all of sudden, you lose interest in the movie. You realize that you have simply watched this same movie too many times.

Meditation is not concentration, nor is it narrowing the mind. Meditation is all inclusive. The key to the blooming of the meditation flower is to remain relaxed and loose; learn to just see and accept everything; no struggle or conflict is rejected in our inner or outer field. Accept and observe all.

Let come what comes; let go what goes. See what remains.

Wow…and suddenly, the emotions, stress, depression, trauma, addictions, all the so called negative emotions lose their grip.

Participate in this unique program designed by Yogi Amandeep — based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, this program explores and joins two main streams of eastern mysticism: Kundalini and Vipassana.

26th Jan’ 2018 (Fri), 10:00 am —
28th Jan’ 2018 (Sun), 3:00 pm

Govinda Valley Retreat Centre,

51 Lady Carrington Rd,
Otford  2508

Friday 26th – Retreat 10:00 am to
Sun 28th –Retreat finishes 3:00 pm



Govinda Valley

Govinda Valley is the ideal place for yoga, meditation or healing retreat.

Dedicated retreat centre on the south coast of Sydney for health and wellbeing.

Govinda Valley is the ideal place for yoga, meditation or healing retreat. The cost covers the accommodation and meals during the program.

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