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Haridwar – Five Star Hotel

Aalia – Hotel and Resort in Haridwar – Five Star (the only luxury hotel on the banks of Ganges)

Unique in concept and execution, Aalia has the distinction of being the only luxury hotel situated in Haridwar right on the banks of the majestic Ganges in an area steeped in culture, spirituality and sacred legend. Surrounded by the elements of nature from all the sides, this remarkably designed resort enables you to enjoy the fresh serene surroundings and a tranquil air coming from the river Ganges.

Aalia bids an unparalleled hospitable experience while providing the exceptional services and absolute world class facilities to all the discerning travelers around the world. By offering you peace, nice ambience, exotic food, warm hospitality and lots of indoor and outdoor activities, Aalia leaves no stone unturned in order to make your stay unforgettable!!!



Gobind Dham (Base Camp) – Tenting for 3 nights

From Gobind Dham onwards starts what is called, “Dev Bumi” — realm of the beings of lights. This will be our base camp, and the point from where we will travel higher into Himalayas. We will visit many hidden and mystical places that participants cannot even imagine in their dreams. Less traveled, Deep, Esoteric sacred sites of Yogis. To stay close to nature and to have the experience of the Himalayan open space we opted for tenting. This will enhance and deepen our meditative experience.

Due to accommodation for groups is a challenge as there is a lack of connectivity by road. It is a challenge to provide luxury accommodation at this height. However we have worked hard to provide the best possible accommodation, which is comfortable and decent. The tenting space is near the flower valley.
There is an option of hotel accommodation here, but it is very basic and limited. Participants will need to let us know beforehand (Please mention this on the registration form).


Single dome tents – wash room is shared.
Double accommodations – wash room is in the tent.
All sleeping gear will be supplied with tents.

Accommodations On Our Return Trip
Haridwar – Five Star Hotel
Radisson Blu This hotel’s exceptional features are designed to both impress and enhance your stay, from the intricate chandelier in the lobby to modern amenities like Free high-speed, wireless Internet.
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